Service Dogs Vs. ESA Dogs


Dogs are really adorable and trustworthy companions for humans. That is probably why they are called our best friends. Due to these reasons, they are also one of the most popular types of emotional support animal (ESA) as well as service dogs. They provide the necessary warmth and love that would be able to take your mind off your mental issues. Sometimes people tend to confuse service dogs and ESA dogs. Both are there to provide support in times of disabilities So how does one differentiate between the two? and for which you will need an ESA letter for housing.


Service vs ESA dogs  


Each of the dogs comes with its own set of benefits and a situation where either one would be kept. Just make sure whichever kind you have, you take care of it properly because they are your partners. Pamper them, feed them, treat them like family so they may support yours for a long long time.


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